Careers in Psychology

I have selected a career in clinical psychology, because I have always wanted to become a clinical psychologist since I first became interested in psychology. (Cherry)


In this field of psychology, you would work in a hospital, private practice, or academic settings.  Clinicians are trained in a range of techniques and theoretical approaches, specializing in the treatment of certain psychological disorders, or working with clients suffering from a wide variety of problems.  Clinical psychologists keep detailed records about their clients, which help clinicians and clients track progress and are often needed for billing and insurance purposes. (Cherry)


Ideally, clinical psychologists are supposed to have a Doctorate Degree in Psychology, which normally takes anywhere from four to seven years. (Cherry)


According to the 2001 APA Research Office, the average salary for a licensed clinical psychologist was $72,000. (Cherry)


Clinical psychologists typically work in hospitals, private practice, and academic settings. (Cherry)


The category of research clinical psychology is placed in is dependent on the type of degree you have.  People with a PhD focus on research and clinical work; the PsyD focuses on clinical work and exposes you to a variety of interventions but does so at the expense of research work; and the EdD focuses on child development and education, and some are purely counseling psychology degrees. (“Careers in psychology,” )


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